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Timeless Style with the Touch of Fabrics We all Love

23 May '17

Video - 7 Best Summer Fabrics For Your Handmade Closet

Posted by Kim Jackson

Nothing beats great summer style, and if you are shopping for fabrics to update your handmade closet, let this list point you in the right direction.  Here is your guide to the best fabrics to help you stay cool this summer.

  • Cotton Jersey – High temperatures call for easy comfortable style.  Cotton Jersey is a single knit fabric that is soft and very comfortable to wear.  I love cotton for its smooth texture, and when blended with jersey it has the ability to stretch along the grain making it ideal for close fitting garments.

  • Cotton – Ask anyone and cotton is by far the best go to fabric for summer.  Cotton is a natural fiber that comes in many different weights from light-weight to heavy. It is very versatile and can be used for shirts, skirts, trousers,  and bags.

  • Chambray – A light-weight woven fabric that gives a denim-like appearance. It is almost like wearing a more breathable version of denim, perfect for those humid days of summer.  Added bonus, its versatility is endless.

  • Rayon – A semi-synthetic fiber made of cellulose. Created originally  as an alternative to expensive silk, rayon is perfect for summer wear think flowy dresses and draped blouses.

  • Silk – A natural woven fiber that is used for lingerie, blouses and dresses. Silk is soft and luxurious, but cool to the touch. It helps to regulate your body temperature, when the humidity rise up.

  • Lace Lace is a delicate fabric with a pattern of interwoven holes, woven from a variety of fibers either by hand or by machine.  Lace is perfect for when you want to stay cool, feel sexy and elegant all at the same time.

  • Linen – Ahh summer, nothing is more comfortable than a pair of linen pants when the weather heats up.  Linen is a woven fabric that comes from the flax plant.  It is often blended with cotton and is very breathable which makes it ideal for summer blazers, shorts, and slacks – but it does wrinkle easy.

And that completes the list, we'll be sure to keep these fabrics on repeat for the sunny season and beyond.  What are your favorite summer fabrics to sew with?  Leave your comment below.


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