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03 Mar '17

Video - How To Sew A Flat Felled Seam

Posted by Kim Jackson in Sewing Tip

When sewing an article of clothing we use a variety of seams to create the final garment.  The most common, a plain seam is where you join two or more layers of fabric together with a line of stitches.  All basics seams used in garment construction are variations on the plain seam. Once sewn together, the plain seam requires a finish that stops the raw edges from unraveling. In this video, we will be exploring one of many ways of finishing a seam.

A Flat Felled seam is the finishing seam most commonly used in jeans, dress shirts and sportswear.  This type of seam adds structure while removing bulk to the seam.

                                                   How to Sew A Flat Felled Seam:
                                    First, with wrong sides together sew a seam at 5/8 inch.
                                    Trim the seam allowance on one side to 1/4 inch.
                                    Press the opposite seam allowance over the trimmed seam.
                                    Fold under the raw edge, then press to hold in place.
                                    Stitch in place along the edge of the fold.

     And that’s it, you have just created a Flat Felled seam.  Thank you for watching!


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