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10 Feb '17

How To Sew Like A Pro With Only 11 Tools - Video

Posted by Kim Jackson in Sewing Tip

Aside from the standard sewing machine, thread & iron you only truly need 11 sewing tools to create professional quality garments. Over the years we collect endless notions and supplies, but I find that whether DIY sewing, repairing and mending, or pattern making I reach again and again for the same tools out from my sewing case.  Here's a list of sewing essential tools that will help you sew like a pro in no time.

FABRIC SHEARS – Make sure you have a separate pair of quality scissors to cut your fabric. Dressmaking shears are sharper than standard craft scissors and should only be used to cut your fabric.

PAPER SCISSORS – A pair of craft scissors to cut out your PDF or paper patterns. 

TRIMMING SCISSORS – An optional pair of trimming scissors are great for clipping the thread ends close to the fabric source.

TAPE MEASURE – A flexible tape measure is perfect for curved surfaces and taking body measurements.

CLEAR RULER – A clear ruler can be helpful while adjusting measurement to paper patterns.

FABRIC WEIGHTS – Used to hold down paper patterns and fabric while cutting.

TRACING WHEEL – Used to transfer placement lines for darts, pleats, buttonholes, and notches onto fabric.

TRACING PAPER – Carbon transfer paper is coated on one side and used to transfer markings onto fabric.

PINS – All purpose sewing pins can be used to temporarily hold fabric together.

TAILOR'S CHALK – Chalk or a dressmaking pencil can be used to create quick lines and markings on fabric.

SEAM RIPPER – Used for removing thread stitches and also a handy tool for opening button holes.

And that’s it. The only 11 sewing tools (and a little practice) are all you’ll need to sew like a pro.  What are some sewing tools you can’t live without that aren’t on this list?


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I can’t live without my rotary cuter, LOL! Thanks for the video!

Posted by May on March 11, 2017

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