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24 Jun '16

Sewing Tip: How to Use Cone Thread on a Sewing Machine

Posted by Kim Jackson in Sewing Tip

If you try to use cone thread on a standard sewing machine chances are it will not fit the spool holder.  A cone thread holder and stand are needed but why spend extra money for additional equipment. Simple solution: place the cone thread on the vertical pin on top of your sewing machine with a small spool inside of the bottom. If your machine has a horizontal pin holder this cone thread trick will not work, sorry. Some suggest to place the cone thread in a cup to stabilize the thread but using the vertical pin stand is the best solution to give your machine an even thread feed without adding tension to your thread.



I made a cone holder from a 8" long 2×4 " scrap of lumber, drilled a hole and glued a 3/8ths. piece of a dowel in the hole. Works perfectly.

Posted by Betty Stambaugh on August 19, 2016

Inoted of a teacup, I use a lidded drink cup and run the thread up through the hole in the lid.

Posted by Beth on July 20, 2016

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